Unknown predators stalk a hamlet near the Conclave's edge.
Quest 1 of 4 in the The Cabal arc
Vital statistics
Location Havenweald
Suggested Level 3
Quest Progression
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The Scriptorium The Wreck of the Seamaid,
Keep on the Agenor

Red indicates a battle.

Quest Outline


  • Leads to In the Fields

In the Fields

  • Leads to The Shadow of the Forest

The Shadow of the Forest

Go now

  • Leads to The Spiders' Haunt 1

Wait for morning

  • Leads to The Spiders' Haunt 2

The Spiders' Haunt

Version 1

  • Enemies start closer to the party
  • Leads to The Necromancer

Version 2

  • Enemies start farther away from the party
  • Leads to The Necromancer's Cave

The Necromancer

  • Leads to The Spider-Folk 1

The Necromancer's Cave

Examine the cairn

  • Leads to The Spider-Folk 2

Leave it be

  • Leads to Outside the Cave

The Spider-Folk 1

Step aside

  • Leads to Honoring the Dead

Stand your ground

  • Leads to Battle in the Cave

Attack them

  • Leads to Battle in the Cave

Ambush them

  • Leads to Ambush in the Cave

The Spider-Folk 2

  • The enemies get a surprise round before the players' first turn and begin the challenge enraged.
  • Leads to Epilogue

Honoring the Dead

  • Leads to Epilogue

Battle in the Cave

  • Uses the same map as The Spider-Folk 2.
  • Leads to Epilogue

Ambush in the Cave

  • Mostly identical to Battle in the Cave, but the enemies begin the challenge off-balance.
  • Leads to Epilogue

Outside the Cave

  • The players start the challenge at a much father distance from the enemies than in The Spider-Folk 2 or Battle in the Cave. Uses a different map from those challenges.
  • Leads to Epilogue